Even Kinesiologist’s Get Sick

Hello Connect Ballance Grow Tribe I've woken up this morning not feeling so flash. It looks like my darling children have finally passed their colds onto me. As you can see from my pic, Connie decided I needed a head rub. I feel like my body has been fighting this off for a few weeks [...]

Switching On Energetically

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe It’s been an interesting week for me that has been more focused on family than work. After having my parents stay with us last week, we have had my parent’s in-law staying with us this week all to help us celebrate my daughter Helena’s 5th Birthday. It has been so [...]

Happy Winter Solstice

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe Happy Winter Solstice. Tomorrow is the longest night & shortest day here in the Southern Hemisphere. Can you believe we are almost half-way through the year? My oldest daughter Helena will be turning 5 next week, time really does fly when you are having fun! It’s also interesting that energy [...]

Hug Appreciation

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe Hug appreciation post! This morning my alarm went off, I was meant to get up early to get organised & the kids out the door before 9am because I’ve been running the play group we attend solo at the moment as the other mum’s who usually help me have had [...]

Energy Protection from the Inside Out

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe ‍ Today I wanted to chat to you about energy protection, actually I am going to refer to it as Energy Management as I feel that one of the best ways to take care of & balance ourselves is to be conscious of our own energy. Whether or not we are [...]

Case Study One Surrogate Testing

Karen and Leo’s Story using Surrogate Testing Karen came to see me as she was experiencing stress due to her children having a hard time settling back into school and kindergarten. She wanted to leave our session feeling relaxed and a sense of release from the anxiety for and of her children. We decided to [...]