The Galactic Heart Soul Map & Samhain Blessings

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

Happy Samhain to you! It’s that magical time of year where we celebrate the thinning of the vail between realms & take the time to slow down & honour our ancestors. It really is one of my favourite times of the year. So far today I have celebrated with this amazing play list I discovered on Spotify , taking some time to create an alter space with some photos & light a candle for my ancestors. Later we will set a space at the dinner table for those who are no longer with us, light some candles & later tonight I hope to pull some cards. I love getting warm & cosy with a nice cup of tea & just checking in with my ancestors & guides to see what messages they have for me & where I can bring more comfort & joy into my life.

The Galactic Heart Soul Map activated earlier this week & I did my first Soul Activation Distance Healing Session with it last night & OMG! This map is epic! It allows us to tap into the connection of the heart through all galactic times. We really get stuck into the cleansing & releasing to make your energetic frame lighter so that we can align it with the ascending vibration of the Earth & beyond bringing in a new light consciousness. The past life stuff that this map is brining to our attention really assisted us to find where the core belief had come from, why it was trying to keep my client safe & how we could clear & release it to call in the energy that we were seeking.

I am still so excited to see the ongoing progress of my clients from a week or so after their sessions. There is so much juicy clarity, motivation, joy & comfort coming to them as they continue to do their work & step into their power. This week we have worked on finding clarity, nourishing our bodies, strengthening the immune system, shifting perspective & focus, removing resistance, resetting & finding direction, patience, letting go, motivation, connections, being in the now, self-worth, self-compassion & finding peace. The most amazing Universal Concept kept repeating with my sessions, “I have the necessary skills & support to achieve my highest life plan”. This one gave me goose bumps & burps (isn’t the healing process beautiful?) every time we integrated it.

Take care, enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

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