Time, We Have It

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

There are just not enough hours in the day for me to get all the magic I need to get done, done! Do you ever feel this way? Time is such an interesting restraint. It is challenging right now for me to be in the moment & focus on the task at hand when I find myself trying to do two (or more) things at once. Showing up for myself & my business while trying to support the younger members of our family. There is a gorgeous card in the Oracle of the Dragonfae deck by Lucy Cavendish called The Time Guardian that says “The feelings you have, of time contracting & expanding, are real insights, not simply your imagination. Time is a living dimensional being, whose powers include the ability to devote more time to those of us who require it, & for time to speed up or slow down when it may be necessary, too.” It’s interesting how it all comes back to intension. Also, if we view time as a “living dimensional being” then it is possible for us to tap into it’s energy, have a little chat & set some guidelines up about what I expect of time & what time expects from me. Such a great exercise to try.

“I have plenty of time” is an affirmation that sits in the belief system of our Large Intestine Meridian. This is where we withhold & release ideas, emotions & energy. It is also one of the meridians associated with autumn which is in full swing down here in the Southern Hemisphere, how timely.

Work has been busy too & my Distant Healing Sessions really do seem to fly by as I enjoy them so much! We have been removing blocks around feeling & finding happiness & love, aligning with momentum, drive & bringing this into the physical, creating a space of ease & grace to soften into our service work, gaining clarity, clearing blocks in the Crown Chakra to create greater energy flow & stepping into peace & courage as we walk our own true path. I get so excited when I break it down & read it that way! One of my clients commented on a picture of me with my headphones on that I wear for my distant sessions. “This is Megan, she is not a DJ, but she’s sort of a DJ for the Soul. She does the most amazing distant healings where great shifts can happen”. I love that I am a DJ for your Soul!

Take care, enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

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