My Story

“We are slowed down sound & light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.”

Albert Einstein

My name is Megan Jones & I am a Soul Activator & Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

I was born & grew up on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. After I finished High School, I moved to Adelaide to study Music. I completed my Bachelor of Music & then a traineeship in Musical Instrument Repair. After 12 years of servicing woodwind instruments, getting married & having two beautiful girls, I began to realise that I needed a change, my purpose had changed, I had changed.

I began this next amazing adventure of my life in 2016 after a session with a very gifted medium revealed that I was an empath (a person who is sensitive to energy & either consciously or unconsciously picks up on the emotions of others). This was such a light bulb moment for me & explained so much about the way I felt, acted & why I was in need of some serious energetic grounding. I did some research & discovered Reiki to be an excellent technique to learn for this. I enjoyed the benefits it brought me & others I gave treatments to so much that I continued to study Reiki & receive the attunements all the way up to Master Teacher Level. Reiki still amazes me every day.

In 2017 along came Kinesiology which blew my mind even more with the outcomes it could achieve. It went hand in hand with Reiki & I found they complemented each other well as healing modalities. I completed my Neuro Linguistic Kinesiology (NLK) certification in 2018 along with Touch for Health & Anatomy & Physiology. I completed my advanced level Kinesiology studies in early 2019.

2017 was also the year the Universe gave me slightly more than a gentle nudge to get on with my healing service work. I gave birth to my second daughter in March, my husband decided on a change of career & his new job had us moving to Ballarat, Victoria & we had three weeks to sell our house, find somewhere to live & move our family interstate with a twelve week-old baby & three year-old! As crazy as it seemed it was meant to be, we sold our house in four days & the transition went smoothly.

I started my business Connect Balance Grow in September 2017 offering Reiki Sessions & classes from my practice room in Delacombe. Once I qualified as a Kinesiologist, I began offering Balances also. As of August 2020 I am seeing all my clients from The Health Hub Wellness Centre in Ballarat. Appointments are available Tuesdays & Thursdays. Other days, weekend & after-hours are also available subject to my availability.

I am currently using The Light Balance Method which allows me to activate the Soul, aligning it with the changing vibration of our ascending consciousness here on Earth. The Light Balance Method continues to evolve & I continue to learn, educate & work on myself so that I can be of best service to you. Through this method I now identify my healing modality as a Soul Activator.

It is so uplifting to live my purpose & I am grateful every day for the opportunity to create space, raise vibration & assist in the healing of others. I love running my heart centred business that allows me the time & space to spend quality time with my family, work on my self-development & do the things that bring me joy.

Connect Balance Grow is my soul activation, well-being Practice & I would love to align your soul so that you can reach for the stars & live in alignment with your highest purpose.


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