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I’m Megan & a warm welcome to the space that iscrop logo

As a Soul Activator & Reiki Teacher it is my job to guide you through the process of balancing & managing your vibration to ascend beyond your wellness outcomes & goals of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies.

Soul Activation uses an ascended form of Kinesiology to tap into the body’s energy to explore Core Beliefs & Universal Concepts that require alignment for the shifting consciousness of the Earth & beyond, raising Soul vibration.

I love working with others who want to align their vibration with their best & highest good, that of the planet & beyond.
I assist my clients to…

  • Align with their spiritual path
  • Live from their heart space
  • Expand their perception
  • Know & take action with their purpose
  • Attract that which is in alignment for them
  • Gain greater health & vitality

It is in this space that your soul can flourish through integrated & elevated wholeness. The oneness that is required for the evolving consciousness.

“Megan is amazing. Very friendly and professional and is amazing at what she does. She has changed my life.”
Laura – Ballarat, Victoria Australia

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