Opening Hours

Monday 9am – 5pm at The Healthy Hub Wellness Centre 100 Bridge Mall Ballarat

Wednesday 9:30am – 3pm at 21 Chifley Drive Delacombe

Other days, weekend & after hour appointments available at my practise room in Delacombe

Clients who come to see me are often feeling stressed, experiencing low energy or unsure exactly what is not right. They are beginning to wake up spiritually & are looking for guidance & energetic support.

We work together using muscle testing & the Light Balance Method to identify energetic blocks in the energetic systems & fields of the body. We ask the body what correction maps & tools it needs to activate, raise & balance its vibration.

The positive outcomes of raising the vibration of the body & awakening spiritually include….

  • Aligning with our spiritual path
  • Living from our heart space
  • Greater perception
  • Knowing & living our purpose
  • Attracting that which is in alignment for us to us
  • Health & vitality

After a session my clients tell me they feel relaxed, mindful, grounded & energised, assisting them to live their lives with greater grace & ease.

“I went into Connect Balance Grow not knowing what to expect, but it was one of the best things I have ever done. Megan was & is amazing, getting me through emotional hurdles to balancing pain in my leg. She has made me so much stronger & I can’t thank Megan enough. You will leave feeling like a new person.”
Tracey – Wendouree, Victoria Australia

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