Soul Activation

The reality of us living our biggest & best dream, in true alignment of the highest & best good experiencing a grace & ease as simply as breathing. This is what we are striving for with Soul Activation.

As the consciousness of our Earth is shifting, we must also shift. We are waking up at Soul Level & the vibration of the Universe is asking us to actively take the steps required to assist this to happen.

As a Soul Activator it is my job to guide you through the process of balancing & managing your vibration to ascend beyond your wellness outcomes & goals of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies. It is in this space that your soul can flourish through integrated & elevated wholeness. The oneness that is required for the evolving consciousness.

“I feel settled & my world has a clarity I haven’t felt before, or if I did it would have been quite some time ago. When I left I felt a soft breeze around my ankles every now & then, it felt spiritual & loving. Thank you Megan, I am on the journey to healing & being the best version of me”.
Trisha – Ballarat, Victoria Australia

To activate the Soul we use The Light Balance Method.

Through muscle testing (applying gentle pressure on certain muscles to look for feedback) we tap into the energy systems of the body to locate, balance & clear Core & Universal Beliefs.

We correct, balance & activate your soul using vibration including, sounds, essential oils, crystals, herbs, essences & other specific tools your body & energy need.

If you haven’t had an appointment with Megan before or you would like an extended session, please book an Initial Appointment 90 minutes $150.00 Schedule Appointment

If you are a returning client or would like me to see your child, please book a  Follow Up Appointment 60 minutes $120.00 Schedule Appointment

Distance Sessions are also avaliable for Soul Activation

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