My Work Looks Like This & That

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe Happy New Moon in Gemini! I don’t know about you, but I am pretty happy to be shifting on from the vibes of the intense Full Moon in Scorpio, I feel like they have been hanging around for the last week & a half! I am definitely feeling the head [...]

When I forget to Stop

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe This week has been a tough one for me energetically. I have experienced some big shifts & am starting to integrate them. Because I really enjoy my spiritual development work it is too easy for me to forget that it IS actually work! I get so focused & zoned in [...]

We are all part of Team Spiritual

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe A reminder today that as Light Workers we are all in this together, playing our part to raise & align the vibration of the planet. By each of us individually grounding & anchoring our light into the Earth we are doing the work that we came here to do, yet [...]

Time, We Have It

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe There are just not enough hours in the day for me to get all the magic I need to get done, done! Do you ever feel this way? Time is such an interesting restraint. It is challenging right now for me to be in the moment & focus on the [...]

School from Home & Grounding

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe Grounding, grounding, Grounding! I cannot emphasize just how important this is for me at the moment. We began our schooling from home this week & I can tell you prep Chinese is challenging! Although I have learnt how to say happy & not happy. We have been making sure we [...]

Empowerment Through Making Space

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe Welcome to Saturday Catch Up as I missed Friday Check In yesterday. I got carried away with space cleaning, cleansing, creating & time ran away from me! Sometimes I choose to focus on the things I can do to empower myself to counter other aspects of my life where I [...]

Cosmic Snake Soul Map & Energy Ascension

Art by Feanne Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe I hope this check in finds you safe & well? Times certainly are changing. I have spent this week at home with my two girls. Helena has had work to do from school, so mornings have found me channelling my inner prep teacher. We have been making [...]