Empowerment Through Making Space

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe Welcome to Saturday Catch Up as I missed Friday Check In yesterday. I got carried away with space cleaning, cleansing, creating & time ran away from me! Sometimes I choose to focus on the things I can do to empower myself to counter other aspects of my life where I [...]

Cosmic Snake Soul Map & Energy Ascension

Art by Feanne Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe I hope this check in finds you safe & well? Times certainly are changing. I have spent this week at home with my two girls. Helena has had work to do from school, so mornings have found me channelling my inner prep teacher. We have been making [...]

Finding Peace & Calm on Earth

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe My goodness! How things have changed & evolved since my last Friday Check in with you! I know that I have moved through all of the emotions of fear, panic, having my basic needs met & what this is bringing up for me, my family, work & lifestyle. It is [...]

The Super Contagiousness of Fear

Hello Connect Balance Grow TribeI’m going to admit I am a little disappointed with the unnecessary survival patterns that have been triggered by much of the population here in Australia with regard to growing fear of Corona Virus. After the bushfires that ravished a lot of our country earlier in the year, it was heart [...]

Galactic Light Dragon Activation

Pic by @littledumbfoxy Hello Connect Balance Grow TribeWow! It’s almost the end of February, how are you traveling through 2020 so far? I feel I’ve been moving through transition after transition. You are not alone (or crazy) if you’ve been feeling it too, intense doesn’t even do it justice. As far as Soul Activation goes, [...]

Crystal Chip Bracelet Magic

Hello Connect Balance Grow TribeI have felt back in the groove of things this week. This may have something to do with my new crystal chip bracelets I picked up from Phoenix Alternative. My beloved Lapis Lazuli one broke, I’d had it for a good two years or more. When crystals or crystal jewellery breaks [...]

Chatting with Your Physical Ailment

Hello Connect Balance Grow TribeThis week has been challenging & amazing at the same time! Saturday afternoon I came down with a chesty cold, lovingly passed on from Miss Connie. The mind body awareness with colds is the need to take time out, rest & regroup. Taking on too much & needing to delegate some [...]