Reading as an Empath

Current reading situation Hello Connect Balance Grow Seekers As an Empath one of the first things I realised I could do was identify the feelings & emotions of others by sensing them in my body. Later on I began to be able to sense pain, discomfort & other physical sensations that others were experiencing, extremely [...]

The Check-In Spread

I love using Tarot to check in with my business & other areas of my life. It is really useful as I shift & evolve, often finding in the process that my purpose, values & beliefs also change. Having the guidance & confirmation from my Higher Self through my cards is such a great help [...]

Welcoming Difference & Special Distance Sessions

Hello Connect Balance Grow Seekers My goodness! This week has felt crumbly energetically. The structures around us seem to be breaking down, things are being said but not really heard & if they are, interpreted differently than intended or are challenged. It is so important that we shine our light & also allow others to [...]

Spring Vibes & Sovereignty

Pic Credit ‘The Moth Queen’ by Ravynne Phelan, The Sovereign from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish Hello Connect Balance Grow Seekers Welcome to Friday & our first week of Spring here in the South. I have felt a shift this week with slightly lighter & more expansiveness. September has me setting intentions around [...]

Expanded Heart Chakras & Reiki Love

Pic of the Reiki Crystal Grid & Alter for the Reiki Share Healing Circle last weekend Hello Connect Balance Grow Seekers I have been working on my expanded Heart Chakras this week. I see, feel & sense my Expanded Heart Chakras above & below the traditional Heart Chakra, front of my left & right shoulders, [...]

I am Worthy to Transition

Hello Connect Balance Grow Seekers How worthy are you feeling this Friday? Self-worth & investing in myself have been big themes for me this week. As some doors are closing with love & gratitude others are calling me to knock on them & see what answers. Some refer to this time as taking that leap [...]

Manifesting with True Alignment

Hello Connect Balance Grow Seekers Happy Friday magnificent ones! Have you ever said yes to something that was truly in alignment with the best & highest version of yourself & then witnessed the synchronicities the Universe sends you to support you? I have had a week like this & it’s been blissfully magical. I asked [...]

Grateful for Connection through Technology

Hello Connect Balance Grow Seekers I hope you are doing well? There’s been some intense collective energy going on here with much of our state returning to lock down. Living in a more rural area we have been lucky so far but who knows what will happen next? Thank goodness for technology, I was able [...]