My Scorpio Moon, Shadow Heart & Water Element Parenting

Pic Credit: The Child & Ten of Air from Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan

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My oh my Scorpio season has well & truly hit me along with the forces of Mercury & Mars retrograde. My moon sign is in Scorpio which means often at this time of year my shadow side comes up for a chat & exploration. I have been grounding & anchoring like crazy over the last couple of days so that I can stay in my body energetically & work with the emotions that have been arising which has been super intense, lots of welcome tears & deep shadow heart investigation. This, combined with the thinning of the veil as we head towards Beltane at the end of this month in the southern hemisphere, has also led to some interesting relationship challenges with my eldest daughter. Something interesting seems to come up for us around this time of year & I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do with the heightened water energy of my Scorpio moon & her Cancer sun.

I had a conversation earlier in the week with one of my Reiki students about our children, she mentioned that the parenting challenge is real, even for a Reiki Master! This made me laugh, but then I thought about it & as amazing as all the energetic tools I have ARE for my parenting, they can also make it more perplexed as you can see what is going on & you may have an idea of what to do about it but you also know just how much time, space & energy it will require & that can be overwhelming & exhausting!!

As I mentioned in my story & post this week, I was gifted the Dreams of Gaia Tarot. I can’t believe how quickly I have formed a relationship with this deck! I have been using it to not only navigate my Scorpio shadow but also what has been coming up in my relationship with my daughter. The child card in this deck has an uncanny likeness to her & when having a conversation with her Higher Self, I pulled the ten of Air card & the image was like looking at an older version of her & allowed me so much insight into what she is needing. Not surprisingly even more love!

Another amazingly busy week in clinic! We have worked on frustration, family anxiety, clarity, grounding, irritation, judgement, unconditional love, holding space for those closest to us, choice, change, discomfort in the large intestine, anxiety & focus with school, sinus pressure, sleep challenges, neck & shoulder discomfort, energy balance, overwhelm, grief & support. The Core Beliefs & Universal Concepts themes this week were “I am valued”, “relationships can be easy” & “I am safely saying what I feel”.

Take care, enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

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