Custom Plant Essential Oils Blend

Essential oils have their own individual vibration that can assist your body to integrate & continue the work that we do in a Connect Balance Grow session.

Using muscle testing we tap into your body to ask exactly which oils you need & the amount of each to create your own personal blend. We also ask where your body needs the oil blend applied, how often & for how long.

I source the essential oils that I use in clinic from Plant, they are created in Adelaide by Kinesiologist Kaylee Maitland from Flourish Kinesiology. I love the energy & vibes from these oils, there is truly a little bit of magic in each bottle.

Your personal blend & treatment are unique to you & your body’s needs.

“Amazing, thanks so much Megan, I am feeling really calm & present with the kids.”

Anonymous Client

Custom Plant Essential Oils Blend $15

The option to purchase a Custom Blend can be selected when booking your appointment online.

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