Imagination & Magic

Hello Connect Balance Grow TribeI heard this quote sometime during the week & it has stuck with me. Encouraging imagination & the idea of magic, that anything is possible, is something that I think we can all benefit from, especially children. If we think back, there is usually an event or situation where our imagination [...]

Finding Time & Space Within

Hello Connect Balance Grow TribeHow did you like that New Moon in Sagittarius? Nothing like setting expansive intensions & being like sure, I can achieve that by the end of the year. I also loved the chance to check in with the lessons I’ve be learning & the wisdom I’ve been gaining. I’ve been learning [...]

Big & Mighty with Small & Powerful

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe These two tuning forks, yes, the biggest & the smallest have been my super star balance tools this week, I’ll tell you why in a bit. This might be a quick check in today. My Mum & Sister are on their way over from South Australia to spend the weekend [...]

Looking Back Down Memory Lane

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe I am back in Adelaide for this weekend. Daniel & I are attending the 50th Anniversary of the Eastern Suburbs State Emergency Service Unit. We met each other while we were volunteering with the service, we had one of the unit vehicles as a wedding car & we still catch [...]

The Magic of the Subconscious Mind

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe Let’s have a little chat about our Subconscious Mind. This is the area that I am tapping into & working with when I use muscle testing (applying light pressure to muscles so that I can gage the body’s response to stress & find the corrections required to balance them). The [...]