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As an Empath one of the first things I realised I could do was identify the feelings & emotions of others by sensing them in my body. Later on I began to be able to sense pain, discomfort & other physical sensations that others were experiencing, extremely useful tools as an energy worker & healer. But recently I’ve been considering my empathic abilities when reading. I’ve always had a good imagination & can easily visualise stories in my mind’s eye, but I’ve realised that I also connect with stories on an empathic level. Reading for me activates a whole other energetic level & I seem to engage deeply in my body with the characters & situations in the stories, a full six sensory emersion. It’s then really interesting to witness the synchronicities that flow into my life from the books I am reading. This is such a great reminder that our energy & empathic abilities activate beyond person to person contact & can hinder & serve us in many other ways.

In clinic this week there has been so much Reiki going on! It seems that people are craving energy clearing & balancing to assist them at this time of shift, transition & integration. I’ve really enjoyed going back to energy basics & allowing Reiki energy to do what it does best, bring balance, lightness, warmth & unconditional love. We have worked on energetic congestion, brain fog, balance, integration, grief, intestinal discomfort, karma, soul contracts & expanded heart chakra activation. The Core Beliefs & Universal Concepts theme this week was “I am strong & powerful”.

Take care, enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

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