Sourdough & Shadow Work

Pic Credit: One of Dan’s many Sourdough Adventures

Hello Connect Balance Grow Seekers

I had an interesting conversation with a fabulous friend this week discussing the links between creating & baking sourdough bread & shadow work. Shadow work is looking within at the emotions, energies, beliefs, values & patterns that we are unaware of or supress. They can hang out in our subconscious, body, energy centres, pathways & fields. We commented on how through the processors of growing, nurturing, feeding & caring for your yeast starter (yes, this can take weeks! & feels like tending to & birthing a creation), kneeing, mindfulness & setting intention into the loaf, the patience of allowing it to rise, more presence in kneading, the surrender of proving & then handing all this over the Guardian of the Oven for transformation & perhaps even manifestation!? Through this whole process there is every chance that you will come up against a challenge, things will not go to plan & all sorts of emotions, beliefs, behaviours & patters arise. These are the Shadow aspects we can then explore further, going within to expand & grow outwardly, hopefully over a delicious warm slice of crusty sourdough!

Do you have plans for Sunday 3pm AEST? I’d love you to come & join our Online Reiki Share Healing Circle. We meet via Zoom, welcome everyone in, practice some Self-Reiki Healing, send Distance Reiki to each member of the Circle & there is time to connect & share at the end. It is open to those attuned to Reiki or anyone who would like to experience this type of energy healing & balance for themselves. Exchange is $10 for a place in our Circle & you can book yours here…

I’ve had the busiest & best week in clinic, seeing the vibrational & wellness improvement in my clients makes my heart sing! This week we worked with neck stiffness, muscle stress, hormones, balancing masculine & feminine energies, expanding love energy, peace & harmony, grounding, confidence for birth, ancestral healing, self-worth & value, overwhelm, feeling flat, heavy & disconnection, digestive system & trust. The Core Beliefs & Universal Concepts themes this week were “Relationships can last”, “Relationships can be easy” & “I am powerful”.

Take care, enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

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