The Check-In Spread

I love using Tarot to check in with my business & other areas of my life. It is really useful as I shift & evolve, often finding in the process that my purpose, values & beliefs also change. Having the guidance & confirmation from my Higher Self through my cards is such a great help when I can feel that pivoting occurring but can’t quite fully embody it yet.

I believe that it is normal for our wants, needs & desires to change, it’s comfortable to continue at the same vibration, but it may be more challenging to align with our highest destiny from that place.

I created this spread to check in with my business, but I feel you could use it to check in with any area of your life, so why not give it a go? You can use any cards for this spread, Tarot or Oracle. I’d love to hear how you find it & what comes up for you.

1. My Why

Our Why is the reason or energy behind choosing to put our focus & vibration into something. The driving force.

2. My What

Our What is how we go about achieving the Why. The action.

3. My Anchor

Our Anchor is the energy or force that grounds us into the What. Grounding element.

4. My Belief

Our Belief is the under-lying purpose of why we feel at a Soul level that this is important.  Feeling of knowing.

5. My Value

Our Value can be either why this is important to us, the actual number value exchange required or how this aspect allows us to value ourselves & those around us. Energy exchange.

6. My Message

Our Message can be from our guides, angels or Higher Self or it can be the message that we need or want to share. Being seen, being heard.

7. My Prosperity

Our Prosperity is the comfort, joy, freedom & love that can occur in all areas of our lives. Abundance attraction.

8. My Energy Alignment

Our Energy Alignment is all about how & what we can do to look after our energy & align it with what we want & seek with ease & grace. Energy management.

9. My Spirit

Our Spirit can be either what is going on for us spiritually & how this aligns with our purpose, ascension & etheric being or a message to us from Spirit. Spiritual advice.

Take care & be fantastically kind.

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