Expanded Heart Chakras & Reiki Love

Pic of the Reiki Crystal Grid & Alter for the Reiki Share Healing Circle last weekend

Hello Connect Balance Grow Seekers

I have been working on my expanded Heart Chakras this week. I see, feel & sense my Expanded Heart Chakras above & below the traditional Heart Chakra, front of my left & right shoulders, on each side of my ribcage & at the Third Eye Chakra. You might find yours in different places & that’s totally okay. The big message that came through for me while working with these energy centres was the affirmation “My love is eminence, a golden light that radiates out from me, up-lifting all who meet me”. Accessing this authentic, love vibration that our combined Heart Chakras create is powerful! Knowing how it feels allows us to know our own vibration & use it to shine our light out into the world. This love can also be a wonderful form of protection that allows us to keep lower vibrations from entering our energy fields, yet still attract, welcome in & receive that which is aligned for us.

There was so much gorgeous, Universal Love Energy at the online Reiki Share Healing Circle I held last weekend. It was such a blessing to spend this time & space with the other wonderful souls who attended. We partook in some delicious Self Reiki Healing before sending Distance Reiki to each member of the Circle. My favourite part was the heart led sharing at the end where we discussed & answered some amazing questions about our own personal Reiki Practice, how it looks & feels to each of us & how we fit, continue & integrate this practice into our everyday lives. I am looking forward to holding another of these Reiki Share Healing Circles next month.

This week in clinic we have worked with left & right brain integration, isolation, stress, overwhelm, past life events, nervousness, anxiety, collective consciousness, grief, negative self-talk, sleep, relationship connections, work stress, anger, release, feeling lost, lack of direction & energy protection. The Core Beliefs & Universal Concept themes this week were “every cell in my body vibrates with excellent health”, “happiness can last” & “I deserve to be here”.

Take care, enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

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