Birthday Love & Online Reiki Share Healing Circle

Hello Connect Balance Grow Seekers

Thank you all so much for the Birthday love you sent my way last week! I love celebrating my Birthday, I took some time to out to enjoy some Birthday reading, playing with the Kaleidoscope my Mum gave me & eating Thai Food & cake with my gorgeous family.

Last night in the CBG Healing Connection Facebook Group I held space for a grounding & healing meditation. We also strengthened our cords, connections & webs through our Navel Chakra to our ancestors & soul family past, present & future. I never quite know where these live meditations & healings are going to take us but it’s always exactly where & what we need in that given moment. If you would like to join us for connection, balance & growth you can click here

I am holding an Online Reiki Share Healing Circle this Sunday at 3pm AEST. I love Reiki Shares, it’s so nice to meet & spend time with other Energy Workers & you also get to give & receive healing vibes. Since we can’t do it in person at this current time an online share is a great reason to still spend healing time together. We get to practice the parts of Reiki that we sometimes forget like Self & Distance Healing. This Circle is open to both those attuned to Reiki & those who are curious to experience it. The exchange is $10 for 90 minutes. You can see the event for more info

I am still loving my permanent healing space at the Healthy Hub Wellness Centre. This week in clinic we have worked with energy challenges, feeling awake, choices, stress & ancestral migraines, separation & isolation, anxiety & negativity, maintaining calm, self-worth, self-value, confidence & energy blocks. The Core Beliefs & Universal Concept themes this week were “I forgive completely”, “I always have a choice” & “relationships can last”.

Take care, enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

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