Acne Breakouts & Play

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe 🙋‍♀️💚 It feels like I've been channeling my inner younger self this week. Tuesday the anaesthetic in my system from dental procedure worked it's way out with an impressive acne outbreak just under the top of my jaw. I was straight onto it with some ceederwood essential oil. It's interesting how [...]

Teeth Talk

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe It’s the first week of school holidays here in Victoria & this week has been full on! Saturday night Hubby was lucky enough to get a couple of hours off work, which was amazing as over the last week he has had 6 out of 7 nights on call staying [...]

All things Human Energy Field

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe How are you doing? There has been some interesting energy around this week as we begin to build up to the Spring Equinox on Monday. I have felt my energy shifting as I consider what I want to release before I step through this portal. This is such a great [...]

Respect, Sunshine & Soul Family

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe This morning I am meant to be at Playgroup, however Helena & I had a disagreement this morning after she pushed our boundaries & expressed some disrespect towards me. As a result of this, I chose that we were not going to attend Playgroup this morning & that we won’t [...]

The Mess of the Healing Crisis

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe I am coming to you this week from sunny Adelaide 🌞 I am heading up to the river this weekend for Flourish Kinesiology Camp & I am excited for all the learning & up-skilling that I am going to experience & then be able to share with you! This week I wanted [...]

Laugh more, raise your vibes

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe “Amusement is a most exalted vibration. Become a vibrational match to your desires by laughing your ass off as often as possible”. Debbianna DeRose Last Friday night I went to a Reiki Share organised by Julie & Rob from Phoenix Alternative. Reiki Shares are a fantastic way to connect with [...]

Readings & Healing for Me

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe It’s a cold, wet, blustery day here in Ballarat. Winter is in full swing, we all have our fingers crossed for snow but hey, every time they forecast it snow doesn’t fall at my place. It’s my Birthday next week, yay! I like to get a reading of some kind [...]

Finding My Values

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe My Friday Check In is a little late today. Is anyone else picking up on the energetic shift that has kicked in in the last few days? It does feel more positive (or maybe my post retreat blues are lifting?) yet things feel as if they are flying forward in [...]