Connecting to the Inner Child of my Soul Essence using The Cross of Acceptance Soul Map

Picture Credit Izzy Ivy from Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

The new Soul Map has activated! This one has caught me a little by surprise as the intended date that it was meant to ascend was yesterday, but it actually came through last Tuesday! Isn’t divine timing just the best! The Cross of Acceptance is a golden spiral of energy that connects through our human energy field layers & our body to the three layers of the energy egg that surround our entire energetic being. This Map is about integrating acceptance in all forms & being okay, safe & open to receive. It is about trust, trusting the connection to ourselves, trusting the connection to others & trusting that we are co-creating with the Universe. We connect into the essence of our truest form & fully accept & integrate this on all levels & dimensions. It is time to transform from the glorious bloom that you are into the juicy peach that you are here to be!

When tapping into my truest form the aspect that came through for me was the need to connect with, trust & integrate the inner child of my Starseed Essence. This essence is a combination of Saturn & Sirius. It was quite a realisation that there are not only inner personas within our bodies but also within our Souls! So as I’ve been banging on about for the last few weeks really tapping into & creating that time & space for play, fun, creativity, joy & comfort has been working towards this integration.“It is OK to have fun as I am fulfilling my Soul’s purpose”.

This week the amazing distance sessions have continued. We have worked with separation & returning to school anxiety, anger, gaining greater vitality & wellness, thirst, hunger & emptiness, health & happiness, clarity & focus. “My life is harmonious” was the under lying theme this week. With the uncertain times that we currently find ourselves in, it is no surprise that we want to operate from a place of harmony in all aspects of our lives. If things are feeling out of harmony, I encourage you to place your hand on your heart space, take a deep breath & allow a sense, colour or feeling of harmony to spread within you. We may not be able to control what is going on around us, but we can choose how we respond to it.

I am still forming the plan for my return to in person physical session that will follow strict hygiene procedures to keep us all safe. I know there are a few of you out there that are hanging out for these sessions to return so stay tuned & I will let you know shortly.

Take care, enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

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