My Work Looks Like This & That

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

Happy New Moon in Gemini! I don’t know about you, but I am pretty happy to be shifting on from the vibes of the intense Full Moon in Scorpio, I feel like they have been hanging around for the last week & a half! I am definitely feeling the head & heart clarity that this New Moon is calling in.

I have made a conscious effort this week to tap into my heart’s needs & desires by pulling some cards each day to check in & using this guidance to create a little list of things I could choose from to make sure I was filling up my cup. I have also made time & space each morning & evening to stretch & meditate, such a great way to connect in with my mind, heart & body.

I took some time out by myself last Sunday to go & chill out in the woods. It was exactly what I needed to recharge & gain the clarity for what I needed to do to manage my energy more efficiently. It also made me marvel at the fact that sometimes my work looks like this…

& sometimes it looks like that…

I love the flexibility that my work allows me. One day I can be working on my own energy in the woods, the next I am balancing parenting & admin from home. I am so grateful that this is what I get to do!

This week I have had some fabulous distance healing sessions. We have worked with releasing grief, emotions, anxiety, lack of energy, sensitivity, bringing stuff through the subconscious, life shifts & physical changes, overwhelm, motivation, clarity & listening to our body. “Happiness can last” & “My life is harmonious” were the themes this week. These Core Beliefs & Universal Values are really on point & supportive to our vibration as we are shifting & moving forward into the “new normal”. I also received some lovely feedback from a client I have been working with for energy protection, empathic sensitivity & releasing stored emotions. “I have really noticed a difference since our session, I have been a lot more relaxed, less anxious & felt greater empowerment with my sensitivity. Thank you!”

Take care, enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically  kind.

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