Experiencing the Chinese Wood Element at This Time

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius! This Moon is all about surrendering & releasing any restless energy we may be feeling at the moment. Perhaps it is time to begin planning the adventures you want to experience when we are once again able to. This is not about making any rash decisions but rather considering your options for when the time is right.

There also seems to be a lot of energy sitting around the Wood Element of our Chinese 5 Element Chart right now. This is about the power of death & rebirth, our ligaments & connective tissue (metaphorically: the belief that life as we know it is over), winds of change, the smell of rancid, emotions of anger & aggression, the sound of shouting & the taste of sour. We are witnessing so many of these sensations being expressed all over the world at the moment & we are needing to ask ourselves some big, deep questions of where we come from & what this means for the freedom & choice that are or are not available to us. Each of us are going to respond differently, let’s hold compassion & kindness in our hearts understanding that we are doing the best we can in this given moment.

Did you hear the exciting news? I am beginning in person sessions again at The Healthy Hub Wellness Centre from Monday 15th June. There will be a COVID 19 Safe Plan in place to protect both you & me. I am really looking forward to sharing the amazingness of the Soul Activation Maps with you in person! I’ve loved working with you via distance sessions & these will still continue for those who can’t get to me physically or prefer the online space.

This week in distance sessions we have been working on seasonal alignment, anxiety, introvert energy, overwhelm, family beliefs & conditioning, prosperity, peace, harmony, balance, grounding, freedom, direction, purpose, spirituality, disconnection, openness & receptibility. Value & choice were the themes this week. “I am valued” & “I always have a choice” were the core belief systems we were working with. Choosing to value & respect ourselves no matter what, are really important boundaries for us to set. Quite often we are our own harshest critic when it comes to these aspects. Our value & worth begin with the belief inside of us. Once we know what to expect from ourselves it is easier for us to know how we need to be valued & respected by others.

Take care, enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically  kind.

Pic Credit Abacus Chinese Medicine

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