Celebrating Our Wins!

Hello Connect Balance Grow Seekers

My goodness, what a week! It’s been full of celebration, Monday I was completely booked out with in-person clients session for the first time ever, yesterday Helena turned six, I still can’t believe that I am a mother of a six-year old & this week I have released my first ever Sacred Circle out into the world, more on that a little later. So yay, so much to be excited about & thankful for.

Celebrating Birthdays, both others & my own has always been easy for me. I love that we get to honour & ritualise the day that we entered the world in this life. The exchange of giving & receiving is something energetically I’ve done a fair amount of work on but when it comes to Birthdays I’ve always been all in.

This got me thinking about the other events that happen this week & that those need to be celebrated too, in their own way, (I think I’ve eaten enough cake for now). I know that I often overlook & even feel shameful when it comes to celebrating my achievements, especially with my work. I feel that collectively we can frown upon those who like to ‘toot their own horn’ & say “look at this amazing thing that I’ve done!” Where does this come from? When we are at school, which is part of our work when we are children, we often celebrated our learning & achievements, I’m sure a have a folder somewhere full of awards & certificates. Same when we move onto further education or training after school, there were a LOT of Uni Bar celebrations at the end of semester! Then all of a sudden we begin our work & careers, individual celebration is suddenly not okay as we begin to simulate with the working heard & tall poppy syndrome kicks in where we cut down those who flourish & bloom with their achievements.

Celebrating your progress & wins is important, especially when we are looking at self-worth & self-value. It doesn’t  have to be a huge party every time, although it can be if you wanted too. Something as simple as taking a deep breath & tuning inwardly to honour yourself is a celebration. Taking time out & doing something to fill up our own cup of self, that’s a celebration. Even making a cup of tea & giving yourself a mighty celebratory pep talk can work. Make your celebration about you!

As I mentioned above my first Sacred Circle is being held next Thursday 2nd July at 10:30am online via Zoom. We are going to be unravelling The Keys to Self-Worth, in the initial Circle, which is free to attend, we are focusing on the key of grounding & safety. I can’t wait to open this up & dive in with you, if you would like further information or to join us you can check out the event page here… https://www.facebook.com/events/670326233552780/

There was almost too much juiciness in clinic this week to fit here! From clearing out sticky energetic grief & guilt in the lung area to resolving past life connections to 1600 Europe during the plague to energetic balancing & toping up, it has been amazing. Soul Activation Session are amazing! The Core Beliefs & Universal Concepts that kept coming up as themes were “I am choosing to love myself”, “I am powerful”, “I am valued” & “I am significant”.

Take care, enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

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