The Healed Soul Map

Hello Connect Balance Grow Seekers

How are you all? I’ve had another exciting week with the 7th Soul Map coming through & holding my first online Sacred Circle!

The Healed Soul Map is all about tuning into & identifying our sense of community in both a human & galactic sense. We do this by taking a detailed look at the 6th Auric Field Layer which holds the energy of our Galactic Origin. We seal up any leaks that contribute to our loss of community & sense of oneness with all that is. The Healed Soul Map allows us to fully embrace our connection to the Divine Feminine & all her archetypes so that we can fully unleash our wings. Living our highest & best life & fulfilling our true path.

Through muscle testing we discover the Core Beliefs & Universal Concepts we need to integrate to raise the Soul’s vibration to align with the Earth & beyond. We activate the Feminine Sphere using Soul Disk Sacred Geometry, Crystals, Herbs, Essential Oils, sound vibration, aura sprays & of course the Healed Soul Tea. I can’t wait to share this one with you!

My next online Keys to Self-Worth Sacred Circle is next Wednesday 8pm AEST. We will be diving into the second key of Being in Body, Energy Protection & Boundaries. It’s not too late to catch the replay of the first Circle where we unravelled Grounding & Safety, so please contact me if this is of interest to you. You can book your place in the next Sacred Circle here

This week in clinic we worked with wellness investigation & acceptance, reassurance, energy protection, suffering & sacrifice, high vibration, self-confidence, commitment, healing, fear, pain in heart chakra, guidance & strengthening foundations. The Core Beliefs & Universal Concepts themes were “I am powerful”, “My mistakes are forgivable” & “I love my body”.

Take care, enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

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