Dreaming of Bali Retreat

Hello Connect Balance Grow Seekers

I’m feeling a bit sad today. I was supposed to be flying out to Bali for another amazing retreat at La Balian with the gorgeous http://www.threelittlemoons.com . A week away in paradise to tune into myself, do some dreaming, planning & having an opportunity to hold space for the other participants with Soul Activation Sessions, but alas, it’s not to be this year. We are hoping that we may be able to return to this place of magic next year. If you would like to check out La Balian Villa & Retreat you can do so here www.labalian.com, start dreaming of your future holiday or join us on retreat?

I held my second Sacred Circle on Wednesday evening, we explored the next Keys to Self-Worth, being in body, energy protection & boundaries. It fills up my cup so much to be able to share this magical online space with such beautifully authentic women who are so willing to share & receive on a deep level. The ah-ha moments were frequent & the realisations that came through to me while I was simultaneously holding the sacred space was next level. I’ve also received some fantastic feedback of how much more centred & calmer one of the Circle participants felt the next morning after a challenging few weeks!

I am planning 2 more online Sacred Circles where we will unravel the final Keys to Self-Worth. I will keep you posted with the details.

I completed my Sacred Circle Holder Course that I’ve been studying for the last few months with the wonderful Bronte Spicer. When I began this course, I was really more interested in exploring my own, authentic sacred leadership than actually holding Sacred Circles. As we began to work through the course content, I began to realise just how powerful holding Sacred Circles could be. I had completely underestimated the energetic shift & transformation that can occur in such a short amount of time once you are in a Sacred Space. Investigating my authentic leadership led me to holding Sacred Circles, how magical!

It’s been an easy week in clinic with lots of space for me to allow some deep integration to take place with the new Healed Soul Map & emerging as a Sacred Circle Holder. We have worked with healing bonds & ties of relationships that are no longer serving us, toxic shame, grounding & the shadow self. The core Universal Concept that we worked with & integrated was “I have the necessary skills & support to achieve my highest life plan.”

Take care, enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

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