Abandonment Love Bomb

Trying out something new, welcome to this Connect Balance Grow Love Bomb!

What’s a Love Bomb?
A Love Bomb is an aspect, emotion, experience, or event that has exploded into my awareness that I want to share with you, your soul & your energy.

Abandonment is a pattern that has been playing out in my life for a rather long time, but I’ve only just received this as a Love Bomb from the Universe. Up until now it has been hiding under other names such as jealousy, grief, disappointment, unfulfillment & self-sabotage.

This isn’t just a pattern from this life, it has also had deep roots in many of my past lives. These past lives have involved not only being abandoned but also doing the abandoning. Influences relating to abandonment for me include illusion, betrayal, isolation & solitude.
Do any of these aspects sound familiar to what is playing out in our lives right now?

Take a moment to consider the differences & similarities of Abandonment & Isolation? I really feel that they are triggering each other right now.
For me, I feel abandonment more on an emotional level & isolation more physically, but I feel that both of them can find us giving or taking our power away. This is something that could be explored further.

Abandonment makes me feel…
Unable to find joy & celebration in my life
That the sacred vows, connections & soul relationships that I have made in my life are invalid
Challenged to bloom& flourish
Like I am attaching myself emotionally to the expectations of family & relationships that are unrealistic & cannot be met by others
That my beliefs & values around family & relationships are different to those around me (& that’s okay)

So how do I go about releasing abandonment?
Knowledge & acceptance is the first step, once we know what it is we are dealing with & experiencing, our magnificent human brain, heart, & body begin the healing process.
Of course it helps to support & allow this to happen with greater ease & grace by getting an idea of how aspects, experiences & space may look like after we release.
For me releasing abandonment means I might experience alignment & new beginnings in accepting my beliefs, values, wisdom, learning & knowledge are different to others around me. I am not responsible for their actions or choices, nor can I change them.

By gently bringing down the walls & behaviours around feeling abandoned I can go within & tend to my own power & light, gifting myself time to process & release patterns of abandonment. Shadow work & reflection are super useful work to do here & of course, being kind & loving myself unconditionally through this healing & clearing process.

Being open to receive acceptance of my uniqueness is what I am choosing to fill the space that is created through releasing abandonment. Remember it is super important that when we clear stuff that we fill up the space we create so that it doesn’t return the same or something just as equal takes its place.
For me acceptance & uniqueness is also about calling back & holding my power, shining my light to be seen, heard & felt & taking steps to align even more with my true authentic self.

Recognising & acknowledging times & situations when I am feeling abandoned is a big part of this healing process. When this arises, I allow myself to check in with my expectations of how I may be perceiving things “should” be rather than how they actually are. Making sure that I am holding my own power of self, allows a sense of perspective so that I can work on shifting the emotion & experience of abandonment.

Future influences to guide me forward…

  • Strength
  • Healing
  • Resilience through reflection & emotions (not just the “keep on keeping on” kind)
  • The knowing that I don’t need others to do the acceptance work for me
  • I am only responsible for tending, enhancing & expanding my own light, vibration & power, it is unrealistic to expect me to do this work for others, this is their choice
  • It is safe for me to shine my light & be seen

Closing Considerations…
Knowledge & acceptance of the challenge or pattern is the first step to shining light on it
Know that we are held & protected by our Higher Self, Guides & Angels as we go deep into ourselves to explore patterns & experiences
We have all the tools & wisdom inside of us to learn, heal & clear this
Assistance will always be provided; we just need to remember to ask
Remember to set loving & compassionate boundaries around people, events & situations we may find ourselves experiencing abandonment
Gift ourselves time, space & solitude when we need to process & evaluate what is coming up for us around this
Practice & show greater acceptance to others
Fully love, embrace & be empowered by our uniqueness

Love, light & warm hugs

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