Grief & Blessings

Hello Connect Balance Grow Seekers

The energy of the New Moon in Aquarius last night lovingly & gently asked me to show up & share today.It has been a challenging & transformative two & a bit months for me since Daniel passed away. I have experienced deep soul level learning, acceptance & surrender. I have been all kinds of messy, time constantly alters. I have found myself embodying, feeling & handing over grief, guilt, anger, shame & fear. Constantly questioning my ability to ground, clear, protect & connect my energy. There has been & continues to be the need to hold space for myself while simultaneously holding my two gorgous mini souls. It’s been tough but I have found my own ways, tools & magick to navigate my unique grief journey.

These are some of the blessings that grief has shared with me so far…

I fully believe that this all part of the bigger picture of my Highest Destiny & that I lovingly signed up & said yes to this experience before I arrived here.

Grief doesn’t just sit in your heart space. I have found mine in my Solar Plexus, large intestine, Root & Crown Chakras & many other energy fields & pathways.

This kind of healing is an experience that ebbs, flows, back-tracks, is within & without & can be triggered in the most unexpected ways.

Music is EVERYTHING & can express & clarify things beyond words.

You can’t do this kind of healing alone, community support & love is PARAMOUNT.

It is okay & safe to ask for help & assistance & an even bigger step to say yes & receive it.

I am making & creating space for something even bigger than I can possibly imagine right now.

Thank you so much for your love, kindness & patience as I continue to work on myself & prepare to come back & be of service to you.

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