School from Home & Grounding

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

Grounding, grounding, Grounding! I cannot emphasize just how important this is for me at the moment. We began our schooling from home this week & I can tell you prep Chinese is challenging! Although I have learnt how to say happy & not happy. We have been making sure we take regular small breaks from schoolwork & go outside to ground our energy on the grass & play. This also makes me remember to stop & take a break from what I’m doing, which is something that I find tough. I just want to get all of the things done! This is an unrealistic expectation, when I am trying to support learning, run my biz, hold sessions & keep my home & family happy & healthy. Managing my energy is easier when I surrender my expectations, allow flow & remember that small, manageable actions add up to big ones.

I have had so many juicy & delicious Distance Healing Sessions this week with amazing Souls. We have worked on Soul Clarity, being of service as a healer, re-balancing energy, well-being, energy & skill integration, irritation, extreme endometriosis pain, feeling stuck, finding direction & drive, confidence & awakening. I love, love, love how diverse my work is. Choice & forgiveness were big themes, my Clary Sage essential oil has been working overtime! I forgive everyone, including myself for ever trespassing upon me, physically, emotionally, intentionally or inadvertently. I have complete confidence & faith in myself”.

Take care, enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind

Make the most of the weekend.

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