Feeling All the Feels

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Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

I thought I was doing so well at holding my shitz together with this self-isolation thing but of course I had forgotten that the way I process things is to be amazing at the fore front & then it catches up with me. This may have been escalated by the Full Moon this week but now I am feeling all the feels. Working out what these emotions are can be half the battle but once we know we can decide what we need from or to do with them. For me it’s time to remember that it’s okay to have a PJ day, it is safe for me to experience the emotions of intense collective energy, despair, solitude, frustration & concern.

As a Mum in this situation with two young children I am doing my best to keep things at home as stable as possible & at times I have pushed my emotions aside to maintain this.

The girls & I had a pretty raw day yesterday. After we yelled it out at each other then took some time to calm down, we had a chat about why we were acting the way we were, how this was making us feel, what we were worried about & tried to come up with some ways we could practice kindness at this time. Kindness seems to be the key for me, it allows me to soften into the moment & find the space I need inside for myself & to express love outwardly.

Grounding & finding comfort in our needs & desires were what we worked on in distance healing sessions this week. The Cosmic Snake Activation Map allowed us to find the aspects of forgiveness we needed to acknowledge & clear to commit the service work & integrate with soul ascension of the Soul. “My mistakes are forgivable” & “I am walking my own true path” were the affirmations we worked with. After the session my client said they felt much stronger in their grounding & fully in their body.

Take some time this Good Friday to check in with where you are at energetically & meet yourself there with kindness in your heart.

Make the best of your Easter Weekend & be fantastically kind.

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