Empowerment Through Making Space

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

Welcome to Saturday Catch Up as I missed Friday Check In yesterday. I got carried away with space cleaning, cleansing, creating & time ran away from me! Sometimes I choose to focus on the things I can do to empower myself to counter other aspects of my life where I have no control, things are being asked of me that take away my power to some degree & all I am left with is to surrender & let go. So, I got stuck into cleaning, clearing out & shifting around my office space. My office is actually in the walk-in robe of what is supposed to be the master bedroom, but I am luck enough to use this space as my practice room. So yes, I do have to share it with a few items of clothing, our Lego collection & a few of the kid’s toys but mostly it is my little cosy nook in our house. I finally created some space to get my decks off the desk & move the computer screen we don’t use all that often to set up some alter space & more working room on the desk itself. After the physical clean & tidy I gave the space a good energetic clearing & cleanse with some sound vibration & magic spray. It now feels amazingly welcoming, safe & secure!

It’s been a week full of distance healing Soul Activation sessions from home. I am still loving creating & working in this online space. We have worked on grounding, being in body, raising energetic vibration, transforming negative energy & emotions, direction & purpose, productivity, comparison, self-doubt & helplessness. The importance & value of significance, feeling safe & protected & accepting evolution were big themes. The Cosmic Snake Soul Activation has brought some really deep aspects up around our commitment to our service work & the planetary portal energies around this have had some really transportive messages for us to integrate.

“I am valued”, “I am significant” & “I am safe & protected”.

One of my high-lights from this week was Helena, my five-year-old booking herself in for an energy balance, bless her little heart.

I do still have some appointments available next week for distance healing sessions & I would love to hold space for you. You can click this link to book & use the code CALLFORCALM to get the session for $30.

Hang in there, I am here for you if you need me & be fantastically kind.

Make the most of the rest of your Saturday.

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