Cosmic Snake Soul Map & Energy Ascension

Art by Feanne

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

I hope this check in finds you safe & well? Times certainly are changing. I have spent this week at home with my two girls. Helena has had work to do from school, so mornings have found me channelling my inner prep teacher. We have been making sure we spend time outside in the afternoon for movement, fresh air & sunshine. We are working with Connie’s toilet training so that is also keeping me on my toes!

The energy ascension that I work with for Soul Activation is continuing. The next trigger & Soul Map arrived & came through yesterday the 26th March. I am still integrating the upgrade but I can let you know that we are now working with Cosmic Snake Energy. This energy activation is all about working with the galactic realm & balancing the planetary bodies to the new frequency of our physical body. Integrating boundary setting & expansion, connecting deeply with the shift of our own spirit from deep within & stepping into our own path & accepting protection.

The belief systems we are working with are “I am who I am” & “I am walking my own true path”.

There is more to come with the Cosmic Snake Activation, I will keep you posted as it comes through.

My work has shifted completely to Distance Sessions which is really exciting. I am still offering my Distance Healing Sessions for $30 with the code CALLFORCALM. If you need some assistance in working through to the root cause of any emotions, reactions or conditions that have come up at this time or you need to check in at where you are at energetically please let me know, I have some more available appointment times coming soon.

I have loved connecting with my amazing clients this week. We have worked on alignment, maintaining positive vibration, clarity, fear, pain, immunity, phobias, spiritual upgrades, comparison, self-worth & anxiety. Safety & protection has been a big one collectively. Fears & worries have come from all sorts of different places including programming from earlier in this life, past lives & taking things on that are not ours. The affirmations that we have been integrating include “I am safe & protected” & “I can be calm in today’s World”.

Take care, enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

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