Finding Peace & Calm on Earth

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

My goodness! How things have changed & evolved since my last Friday Check in with you! I know that I have moved through all of the emotions of fear, panic, having my basic needs met & what this is bringing up for me, my family, work & lifestyle. It is time to put all of this work I have been doing into practice & I have to admit I am enjoying the change of pace, slowing down & taking each day as it comes focusing on my mindfulness. I am understanding & accepting that everyone has their own way of coping at this time & that is something I can’t control. I am loving the pictures of the Earth healing & recovering as the human race takes time out from the usual grind, the coming together of countries in lock down & looking out for the needs of others in their community. It will be interesting to see how the change of beliefs, values & attitudes are upheld when we come out the other side of this.

I am open for business as usual with some newly implemented hygiene practices in place to protect my beautiful clients & myself. Online Distance Balance Sessions have been going amazingly! I am really enjoying connecting with clients in this way. Energy work is needed more than ever at this time, I am so grateful that I can show up & be of service in this way.

In clinic this week we have been working with depression, anxiety, fear, self-work, life purpose, calming & balancing the nervous system, health & wellness at a cellular level, forgiveness & overall energy balance & protection. It’s actually been quite a big week! The Lung Meridian has come up to be balanced in most of my sessions, kind of interesting that we are facing a respiratory virus? The Lung Meridian is all about taking in clean air with the likes of new concepts & ideas & releasing toxins in the form of old belief patterns & habits. I love how relevant this is. The affirmations of this meridian are perfect for this time to, “life can be easy & I choose that it is so”, “I have plenty of time” & “I am free to be me & that’s okay!”

Sending you all peace, love & excellent health.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind

Have a great weekend

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