We are all part of Team Spiritual

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

A reminder today that as Light Workers we are all in this together, playing our part to raise & align the vibration of the planet. By each of us individually grounding & anchoring our light into the Earth we are doing the work that we came here to do, yet we need to remember that we are all one.

This work can look like many things & be done in many different ways but know that the part you play is vital, there is no mistake that your Soul is here right now in your body, this is what you signed up for.

During a Soul Activation session with one of my clients this week the message came through for her to “Go fourth & be magnificent”. This was so huge as she had asked for some confirmation around doing her service work & if it was the place & time for her to be doing it.

Know that you are worthy, your light & what you bring forward is valuable.

It’s been another awesome week with Distance Healing Sessions. We have worked on the emotions associated with moving interstate, fear of being observed, neuro response, weakness & pain, making the best choices for ourselves, raising & integrating personal vibration, stress from school, work & isolation, time management, surrendering to change, being heard, setting boundaries, maintaining & accepting new ways forward, clarity & confirmation, energy levels & energy protection.

The frequent  core values & beliefs that needed integrating this week were…

“I am loved”,

“Happiness can last”

“I am safe & protected”

Many of us are missing the physical nurturing & energy of our extended family & friends, we have found other ways to be happy & there is a sense that we may loose this when we come out the other side & we are doing our best to protect our energy & physical safety.

Take care, enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

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