Crystal Chip Bracelet Magic

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

I have felt back in the groove of things this week.

This may have something to do with my new crystal chip bracelets I picked up from Phoenix Alternative. My beloved Lapis Lazuli one broke, I’d had it for a good two years or more.

When crystals or crystal jewellery breaks I think it means that it has served its purpose, you have learnt the lessons it needed of you & that you have shifted energetically & it is time to move on. Lapis is all about stimulating wisdom, opening communication, encouraging truth & authenticity, strengthening spiritual connection & intuition. Wow! That is a lot to learn, but when I look back over the time I had it I can see that I have grown & transformed in these areas.

So after my bracelet exploded off my wrist in tremendous fashion all over the floor, I gathered up the crystal chips, took them outside & returned them to the earth in a special place in my garden where I leave my magic offerings.

A few days later I wondered into Phoenix Alternative to drop off some more business cards (they are fantastic a supporting local healers & practitioners) I noticed the crystal chip bracelets on the counter. The two that called to me were the citrine & aquamarine.

Citrine is great for prosperity consciousness, comfort, self-power, abundance & success.

Aquamarine assists with the balance of exhilaration & relaxation, truth, trust & letting go, happiness, mirror & reflection work.

I am looking forward to working with these stones & experiencing what they have to share with me.

This week in clinic we have done some big work around energy protection & digging deep to really get to know our own energy to strengthen our field. One client said that she wished she could see me everyday, so I created & recorded an energy protection & check in meditation. She is loving it & I am going to offer it to all my clients from now on. I love how a meditation can assist my clients with their energy protection in between sessions.

“I am powerful” was a core belief that also came up in many sessions this week. We align the vibration & soul ascension so that my clients could stand in & act in their power with confidence.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind

Have a great weekend

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