Galactic Light Dragon Activation

Pic by @littledumbfoxy

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

Wow! It’s almost the end of February, how are you traveling through 2020 so far? I feel I’ve been moving through transition after transition. You are not alone (or crazy) if you’ve been feeling it too, intense doesn’t even do it justice. As far as Soul Activation goes, we had another big shift on Wednesday 26th. This one is about activating the Galactic Light Dragon that resides within us. This level of consciousness allows us to integrate & fully embrace our courage as we release & repair the barriers preventing Soul Fulfillment. We look at lifetimes, learning & blocks that are holding us back, belief systems that have become rules preventing us from stepping forward, patterns that keep repeating & repairing the wounds that have been left behind. We work on activating new Heart Chakras, how we can best work with our Galactic Light Dragons, what they need from us & what they need us to know. This is really big, exciting stuff & I am looking forward to working with this new level of vibration that aligns us with the shifting consciousness of the Earth.

I have been working with an amazing group of magical souls from our Fully Lit Mastermind on an amazing giveaway on Instagram. Today is the final day that you can entre so head over to my Instagram if you want to check it out. My heart sings with the amount of interest & entries that we have had but the most exciting part is the support that everyone in the group has shown each other. These are truly heart centred compassionate, authentic people & I am so grateful to be sharing this co-operative magic with them & our gorgeous facilitator Vix from New Age Hipster.

In clinic this week we have been working with energetic overwhelm, throat chakra soul connection & extreme emotions. Aligning & allowing  the Soul to integrate the changes & shifts of consciousness through acknowledging its intelligence, value, success & vibrational attraction powers.  “I am accepting that everything evolves, including me” has been the affirmation this  week. We’ve been using a lot of Elemi essential oil & wind chimes.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon to activate your Galactic Light Dragon.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind

Have a great weekend

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