The Come Down After the Amazingness

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

What a week! This pic is me looking pretty chuffed with my vision board at the Three Little Moons Mini Retreat at Mount Martha. I spent last Friday afternoon on North Beach, Mornington Peninsular soaking up the Lemurian vibes, it was totally relaxing & a great way to chill out before the retreat began Saturday Morning. We kicked off the Retreat with some beach yoga before we got stuck into defining our year of soulful growth. We worked on our values, who we are, finding our why & what our dream life looks like. There was also lots of yoga, meditation & yummy food. A big thing that came up for me over the weekend was stepping into my leadership & to further investigate what this looks & feels like for me. Linda from Three Little Moons who ran the retreat, gave me the chance to lead a meditation for the fifteen other Retreat participants focusing on energy protection, it was pretty special. I am looking so forward to assisting Linda with our Bali Retreat in July.

The come down & integration from the retreat has been a little rough. My energy levels have been low, I’ve had to be gentle with myself, lots of self-care easing up on my work expectations. It is totally okay & normal to experience this. I’ve come to notice that this often happens to me as I integrate & upgrade on a deep soul level. Shifting this stuff is a big deal so of course there can be a time of physical adjustment.

This means that my newsletter isn’t quite finished yet, but I will do my best to get it into your inbox asap. The good news is you still have a chance to pop over to my website & get yourself signed up to receive it.

This week in clinic we have also been looking at values & beliefs. My beliefs will influence my life outcomes has come up a lot along with I am valued & I respect myself & that’s okay. We have investigated Galactic Origins in the energy field, the need to strengthen energetic boundaries & balancing perfectionism.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind

Have a great weekend

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