Chatting with Your Physical Ailment

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

This week has been challenging & amazing at the same time! Saturday afternoon I came down with a chesty cold, lovingly passed on from Miss Connie. The mind body awareness with colds is the need to take time out, rest & regroup. Taking on too much & needing to delegate some responsibilities, sounds very Ten of Wands. My cold was still persisting on Monday & seeming to get worse, so I decided to have a little chat with it energetically to see what it was trying to communicate with me? The message that came through was stop making yourself one hundred percent available!

This was a light bulb moment, supported by a sign of a rose reflected on my leg as I was lying in bed (see my pic).

For months I had been trying tostrengthen my boundaries between my work & life. Apart from Mondays & Tuesday afternoons I don’t work conventional 9am to 5pm hours due to working around my husband’s roster. I had been making myself available to see clients pretty much all of the time he had off. I wasn’t allowing time to spend with him & the girls! I asked a Soul Activator friend to muscle test on my behalf what percentage of my time should I be allocating to see clients, she let me know seventy percent. As soon as I had this clarification my cold began to clear up. So for February I have shifted the hours I make myself available to see clients, don’t worry there are still plenty of other day & after hours appointments for you to still come & see me. I’ve just planned it more consciously with space for life.

Chatting with your ailments or symptoms can be a really great way to open the space to receive the messages your subconscious has been trying to get through, especially the ones we haven’t been paying enough attention to.

So apart from sounding like a sexy man, I’ve had some wonderful sessions in clinic this week. Understanding our needs & desires has been a theme. Our needs & desires are very individual & mean something very different to each of us. They can be something really specific or needing to clarify how we want/need to feel. I have been so excited to see my clients integrating & standing in their own power as we activate their Souls, elevate & align their consciousness. So much magic!

Enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind

Have a great weekend

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