First Check In 2020, Where I Am At & Thoughts About Society Conditioning

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

Welcome to our first Friday Check In for 2020! How has 2020 kicked off for you? I have found it to be a little slow, especially client wise but that’s okay. I’ve felt like I’m still in my cocoon working on myself, getting practices & processes in place. I am in a transitional phase, especially with the Soul Activation alignments I had at the beginning of the month. Yes, that’s right, I have the same balances & Activations done on myself as I do on you guys. It’s a very important part of being an authentic Soul Activator, continually doing the work on myself so that I can be in the best possible place energetically to create & hold space for your sessions.

This week I had my monthly mentoring call for the Master Mind I am part of. Vix from New Age Hipster holds this space for us & she mentioned something that really resonated with me. It was about how in our current society we are streamed through an education system that prepares us to fill the jobs that are “needed”. There is rarely an option for us to work on self-development & providing the time & space to “better ourselves”. I really feel that the only conventional way for us to do this is to pursue the area of The Arts. As you may know I have a background in Musical Performance & many other healers, readers & intuitives that I have met also have an Arts background. It is unsurprising that over the years we have seen many cuts to funding for The Arts. Society does not want us to question the “norm”, trust our own inner knowing & authority & better ourselves & the collective consciousness of the planet. I am so happy that despite this there are so many amazing Light Workers stepping into their purpose, doing the work & assisting others to do the same, all is not lost & we have so much to be grateful for in this time & space.

If you would like to dig really deep into your Soul knowing & align your energy with the shifting consciousness you can book a Soul Activation Session, I would love to work with you. I am looking so forward to the sessions I have booked in for next week.

I am so grateful that you are here, reading this & don’t forget to set your intensions tonight with the New Moon in Aquarius.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind

Have a great weekend

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