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Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

Did you miss my Friday Check In last week? It felt a bit weird not writing to you. Our trip to Townsville was amazing however it has taken me most of this week to integrate back into the swing of things! I am excited about a few things this week. New bedding, well at least a new pillow top & pillows from Mirocloud https://www.facebook.com/microcloudbedding/ . It’s amazing, looks like giant marsh mellows & feels like sleeping on a fluffy cloud. Connect Balance Grow donated a play kitchen to the Sebastopol Community Playgroup, it took us a little while to build it but by the way the kids swarmed it when we had finished, I think it is going to be a new favourite. Helena lost her first tooth just after lunch, we are excitedly waiting to see if the Tooth Fairy pays her a visit tonight.

I have just released the details of my next Reiki Two course & I can’t wait to share this one with you. We are holding this class at Eurambeen Historic Homestead and Gardens just out of Beaufort. This amazingly magical place has such a unique & special energy & I am truly grateful to be holding Reiki Two there. Check out their page to get a feel for it https://www.facebook.com/EurambeenHistoricHomesteadAndGardens/ & come & join us if you feel called to expand your Reiki skills.

This week in clinic I had a couple of sessions where we worked on Anxiety, pain, endometriosis, jaw tension & forgiveness. Forgiveness has been a huge one this week. Working with the core belief that “my mistakes are forgivable” allows us to except that it is okay to exist & be comfortable without things needing to be perfect. Perfection can be an illusion that we continue to strive for but never really get there. Aiming for mastery is much more attainable, even if that means that we still continue to learn, grow & transform as we go. Mastery is a much kinder mindset to be in. I also had my first international distance balance this week. It was amazing & the fact that both my client & I were on the call in our Hogwarts T-shits made us laugh, clearly I was tuning into more than her energy.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind

Have a great weekend 

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