Big & Mighty with Small & Powerful

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

These two tuning forks, yes, the biggest & the smallest have been my super star balance tools this week, I’ll tell you why in a bit.

This might be a quick check in today. My Mum & Sister are on their way over from South Australia to spend the weekend with us & attend Helena’s Calisthenics Concert. Can you believe it’s November already? The new moon, Scorpio Season & Mercury Retrograde have got me feeling all the feels right now. My moon sign is in Scorpio, so I get a double wamie at this time of year. I have found that my energy has been more scattered than usual & I have had to make a conscious effort to focus on my breath & calling back my energy to ground & centre myself. Square Breathing has been fantastic for this, breathing in for four counts, holding at the top for four counts, breathing out for four counts, holding at the bottom for four counts & repeating the cycle.

I love it when I see patterns in my work with my clients, as much as the work we do is for them, it also mirrors back to me what I need to work on for myself. This week it has been all about addressing unachievable expectation & unattainable perfection. “My mistakes are forgivable” has been a Universal concept that I have been looking into to see what comes up for me. Forgiving ourselves can be huge & is really half the battle when it comes to healing. The mistakes that I have looked back on have also been closely related to my insecurities. Self-love & self-compassion, it often comes back to these & we need to find out what our friend self-confidence is doing to assist them.

In clinic this week there was another repetitive pattern with my clients involving the Central & Large Intestine Meridians. The Central Meridian is a storage vessel for the energy of the other meridians, new ideas, achievements & goals. It also assists our concentration & focus. The Large Intestine Meridian is the ‘drainer of the dregs’ or in other words holds all the energetic crap that gets left behind. It withholds & releases ideas, emotions & energy. If you are holding onto something that is no longer serving your best & highest good this is where it often shows up for us to clear. So the fact that I’ve been having to use my biggest (central meridian) & smallest (large intestine meridian) tuning forks this week mean that we have been releasing all kinds of vibrations that my clients have had lodged in these two energy pathways.

Well I’d better get going & finish getting ready before the family arrives.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind

Have a great weekend 

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