Beltane Blessings & Halloween

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Beltane blessing to you all. Yesterday we celebrated the midway point between the equinox & summer solstice, this is a time for showing gratitude for life & creative power. It is at the opposing point of the wheel of the year to Samhain (Halloween) & I’ve always felt a bit odd with the Halloween celebrations that happen in spring? It’s becoming an even bigger thing here in Australia & of course my girls wanted to go out trick or treating with their friends so I kinda jumped on board a little more this year than normal. I’ve also been doing some ancestral healing development this month so it’s been nice recieve some messages of love from my past over loved ones.

I did a Beltane Tarot Reading which you can check out here

I forgot to mention in my check in post last week that I went & had a session with the magnificent Sarah Beaumont from Eurambeen Historic Homestead (just the other side of Beaufort). I can’t really put a label on what she does because it is a combination of so many wonderful things but if you want someone to hold space for you, assist you to nut out your purpose or next step or direction to take I highly, highly recommend you get in touch with her.
It looks like working internationally is highly possible for me, I am really feeling called to begin collaborating with others to bring healing to & holding space for like-minded practitioners. Especially integrating the changes & actions they have decided upon retreat. My Beltane reading really supports this.
So if you are running a retreat or workshop & need someone to balance, clear & integrate your participants get in touch with me   I am also going to be doing more Skype & phone balances this month so if you can’t get to me physically we can still work together to get you sorted energetically.

This week in clinic has been fully on brilliant! I have seen so many beautiful clients, the main themes that kept popping up this week were the metal & wood element meridians. We were working with a lot of suppressed anger, resentment & grief, much of this was on a subconscious level. You never quite know the extent of what you are carrying around, you might be feeling a little off, depressed or constipated! It’s all about letting go & it’s nice to have someone hold space for you to be able to do that in whatever way is necessary for you.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind

Have a great weekend 

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