Beltane Tarot Reading

This reading was done using the Beltane Tarot Spread by Biddy Tarot. You can find it at

The old energies I am releasing are around prosperity consciousness & my Ancestral beliefs around money.
– It is safe for me to have money
– I deserve to have money
– Money is the energy exchange in the third dimension

The new seeds I am planting are all about emotional soul collaboration. Bringing healing to & holding space for like-minded practitioners. Shared intuitive creativity.

The aspects of myself that are being reborn are my healer & Alchemist, wishing & intention setting & magic maker. My true authentic self.

Holding space for others as they work through their challenges, anxiety & depression lights me up. Assisting others to find their unique abundance & working through their dependencies & fears.

I can manifest abundance by tapping into my inner passion, direction & entrepreneur. Grounding into my spirituality & leading the way for others.

I can express myself fully in the world by creating & holding space with others through collaboration. Building or finding a sacred space to assist others in assisting others. Finding & sharing my key stones & pillars.

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