Finding Time & Space Within

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

How did you like that New Moon in Sagittarius? Nothing like setting expansive intensions & being like sure, I can achieve that by the end of the year. I also loved the chance to check in with the lessons I’ve be learning & the wisdom I’ve been gaining. I’ve been learning about integration, transformation, the importance to listen & be open to receive. The wisdom I’ve been gaining is about creating time & space with in me. This was one of the things I got to work on in my Enneagram Clarity Session with Gail Love-Schock. Wow! We dug really deep into being rather than doing, prosperity alignment, sitting into my body, especially paying attention to my back, back of heart space, base of skull & jaw & addressing breath challenges. Who would have thought that all those years playing clarinet would restrict my breath/ body connection? The clarity & life design actions that I have gained from working with Gail are blowing my mind, heart & body. I am looking so forward to bringing them into my practice.

We have had an amazing reaction to our Reiki Two Class being held at Eurambeen Historic Homestead & Gardens. Quite a few of you reached out & asked if we would be holding a Reiki One Class there? I am super happy to let you know that we have set the date for the 25th & 26th April 2020. If you would like to jump on board, you can check out the event on Facebook & book your spot

This week in clinic has been in the words of one client stunning! We have worked on soul connection, soul shift & resync & removing some psychic shock vibration from the external human energy field. It really has been quite out-there, but I really love working with these higher vibrational aspects. You really never know what is going to show up & asked to be removed. The Light Balance Method has such a fantastic way of letting us tap into these unusual aspects & letting the body choose the best vibrational way to shift & balance them. Weird things work wonderfully well.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind

Have a great weekend

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