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Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

How are you doing? There has been some interesting energy around this week as we begin to build up to the Spring Equinox on Monday. I have felt my energy shifting as I consider what I want to release before I step through this portal. This is such a great time of joy & balance, especially setting intensions around body & life balance. I’d love to hear any intensions that you are setting as we step into mid spring.

As I mentioned last week, I wanted to share more with you about the Human Energy Field. So, the Human Energy Field is seven layers (or levels) of alive, pulsating energy that surrounds our physical body. It is important to note that the energy in each layer contains specific information about our reason, will & emotions, these are our core belief systems & Universal concepts or in other words the rule book that we each live our lives by.

1st Level (closest to the physical body) – Physical Will (Will)

2nd Level – Self-Love, choosing to love yourself (Emotion)

3rd Level – Thoughts & mental understanding (Reason)

4th Level – Loving feelings for others (Emotion)

5th Level – Free will &choosing to align with the spiritual (Will)

6th Level – Trust in the spiritual (Emotion)

7th Level – Spiritual wisdom / Spiritual inspiration (Reason)

Everyone’s energy field is different, some sit close to the body & others can extend a metre & a half from it. We use our Human Energy Fields to constantly communicate with everything around us, this information can then make its way through each of the layers, enters our physical body & then moves through the meridian pathways to our organs & chakras. This is why it is super important to balance & care for our Energy Field regularly because what is going on outside of us energetically eventually makes its way into our physical body where it manifests as either wellbeing or disease.

When I work with the Human Energy Field, I am asking the body about where the energy (or stress) is stuck between the layers. This stuck energy can be inherited family patterns, curses, patterns carried forward from past lives, belief systems that are not in alignment, emotions or thoughts. By asking the body what it needs to clear these stuck energies we can balance the Human Energy Field & restore it to its natural vibrational frequency.

This week in clinic, well perhaps I should say out of clinic because I spent last Sunday in Melbourne doing an energetic house cleansing for a two of my clients. I really enjoyed the experience using crystals, singing bowl, tuning forks, colour frequency, Reiki, water & intensions to clear & bless the space. There was residual memory energy that required shifting, energetic portals to close & electromagnetic earth grid energy that required balancing. I also cleansed & balance the two people that live there to clear any residual energy that they were carrying into their home. We worked on resolving some guilt & resentment to gain greater clarity & alignment with success & abundance. I also held space for a beautiful client in my practice room in Delacombe last night. We worked on some self-confidence, self-love, finding time & space for her to achieve her highest life plan & to make better choices regarding healthy behaviours. I am looking forward to hearing how she integrates the changes we made.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

Have a great weekend.

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