Welcoming new tools into the Connect Balance Grow family

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

In the words of my Kinesiology Teacher Kaylee “I love to ding!” & now I can totally understand why! I received my set of meridian tuning forks in the post this week & I am so excited to start using them. Tuning Forks are sound tools that use vibrational frequency to align, clear & balance energy in the body, especially in the human energy field which are the pulsating energy layers that surround our bodies, they store our beliefs, emotions & patterns. Using the vibrational frequencies that the tuning forks produce we can raise, correct or clear the vibration of what is stuck in a particular layer. We can also use the vibration to restore the organs & energy pathways inside the body to their optimum frequency. This kind of healing allows us to find balance at a cellular level, amazing! I am so grateful to have these guys on my team to help you out. I might chat some more about the human energy field next week.

This week in clinic I got to work with a gorgeous little girl who had been having a rough time at school & some challenges at home. We used Reiki to work on brightening her inner rainbow & I am happy to say she was so much shinier both inside & out when she got off my table. I love working with kids so much, they just take on energy with ease & let go of what is no longer serving them. My grown-up clients this week have been wanting me to do some investigating around their core beliefs & have wanted to work on whatever came up & was most needed for them. Some of the feedback I have received includes that they are feeling well, inspired, positive, determined, focused, balanced, happy & lighter after their sessions. The new oils are getting rave reviews too!

Enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

Have a great weekend.

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