Respect, Sunshine & Soul Family

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

This morning I am meant to be at Playgroup, however Helena & I had a disagreement this morning after she pushed our boundaries & expressed some disrespect towards me. As a result of this, I chose that we were not going to attend Playgroup this morning & that we won’t be watching our family movie tonight. Helena was disappointed but understood why we are missing out on these experiences. Our family is a team & we need to respect each other & work together to achieve what we need to do each day. Respect is an interesting emotion that comes from our Central Meridian, where our used energy is stored prior to being released with the breath on exhalation. It is where the conception of new ideas, achievements & goals come from, concentration & focus. The Central Meridian asks us “what do we need to let go of, large or small, that has worked for us in the past but is not useful now?”. I have tolerated Helena’s disrespect in the past, given her the benefit of the doubt but it has now got to the stage where we need to understand that respect, especially self-respect is a value that we want to uphold in our family.

On a happier note, I had a fantastic time at Kinesiology Masterclass Camp run by the beautiful Kaylee from Flourish Kinesiology . It was held at her shack in Mannum, South Australia, right on the River Murray & we had sunshine! Our classes were held outside in the sun & fresh air, I hadn’t realised how much I had missed the Sun & how uplifting its energy truly is. The other amazing thing was that I got to hang out with my Soul Family, my people that honestly understand & get me on all levels & dimensions. Living away from them after our move from South Australia to Victoria just over two years ago was challenging for me. Although we stay in touch online nothing beats being in their physical presence & energy. We learnt so many amazingly magical things at camp which began before the classes had even started! We had a very intense energy clearing of the shack on Friday night which I am pretty sure none of us were expecting or are going to forget in a hurry! The shack certainly felt clearer & higher vibrationally after we moved on the energy that was stuck there. The masterclass was all about learning the Light Balance Method which is an energetic extension of the Kinesiology we were already practicing. We covered balancing & harmonising the inner priestess & sisterhood which allows us to maintain the Triple Warmer Meridian, the one that seeks control by resorting back to our old patterns & behaviours. Balancing the Hara which supports out Golden Light Body, clarifying our purpose & intention. Working with the Alchemist Map to transform fear & stuck beliefs into love & moving forward with ease & grace. Working with & balancing the body’s Nervous System so that we can feel connected to & function efficiently in the greater world. Using the Soul Map to assess & balance the Soul Status. How to use sound frequencies to assist & clear the energetic blocks in the Human Energy Field, both externally & internally. Making & using vibrational essences & perhaps the most exciting thing from the weekend, being introduced to 12 new high vibrational Essential Oils that are intended to work with the Spiritual Aspects of us! They smell simply divine!

Clinic this week has been interesting as I begin to integrate all the new knowledge I have gained from using the Light Balance Method. We have had some impressive break throughs with headaches & the Heart Meridian, letting go & releasing the emotional connection to events from the past that are no longer serving us. Also releasing fear around a recent traumatic experience, working on separation anxiety & healing relationships. I am looking forward to checking in with my clients from this week to see how the changes we have created & harmonised are integrating into their lives.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

Have a great weekend.

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