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It’s the first week of school holidays here in Victoria & this week has been full on! Saturday night Hubby was lucky enough to get a couple of hours off work, which was amazing as over the last week he has had 6 out of 7 nights on call staying overnight at work (solo parenting like a boss!) so we took the girls & headed into the White Night event in town. It was magical! A little wet as Ballarat is in early spring but seeing all the majestic buildings lit up with graphic art & the light displays it was totally worth it. Monday was flat out with work, equinox energy & yoga. Tuesday Helena & I went to Melbourne for her final Calisthenics Competition for the season where she & her team danced their little hearts out. Wednesday it was off to the dentist to have my wisdom tooth out, more about that a bit later. Helena & I then went to a Day of Disney concert last night where they performed all of our favourite Disney songs, Helena finally built up the courage to have a photo with Elsa while wearing her Elsa costume, she’s been wanting to do that forever, but always lacked the confidence (super proud Mum & Kinesiologist moment right there!) Now it’s Friday, I had an amazing Mentoring call with the Fully Lit Master Mind crew early (very early) this morning & now I’m here with you for our Friday check in.

So yay, the story of my wisdom tooth. I only had one, lucky me. It had always been a bit of a pain to clean & the various hygienists & dentists I have seen over the years have been suggesting for ages that I should have it out but I’ve been too scared, busy & just over the fact of the amount of work I’ve already gone through with my teeth & gums to have it done. At my last check-up they found a tiny cavity starting to form & they could either fill it & hope for the best or take it out. I finally decided to be scared but have it out anyway. So, as any holistic practitioner does, I busted out the Clove Essential Oil & picked out a few crystals to take with me, in this case black tourmaline, sodalite & amethyst & off I went. You know what? The whole extraction thing was nowhere near as bad as the story I had in my head! There has been a little discomfort & the hole in my jelly gum does feel a little bit alien-like, but I’ve come out the other side just fine. Now I’m not sure if it’s the removal of my tooth or the post Spring Equinox energy but I am feeling inspired to release a whole heap of things & also give my home a good spring & energetic clean!

I thought I would also share with you the possible energetic contributing factors to dis-ease around teeth. Holding onto the emotions of shame, guilt, fear, anger, blame & bitterness. Finding it difficult to make empowered decisions. A lack of self-love & self-confidence which results in frequent self-sabotage. Feelings of overwhelm & stress & frustration in expressing yourself clearly. Let me know if any of these resonate with you?

Clove Bud Essential Oil is my go-to for teeth & gums, it also works on the digestive system, our root chakra & spleen meridian. The affirmation of Clove Oil is “I am safely saying what I feel”. It works with the emotion of clearing (maybe that’s why I want to spring clean so badly?) balances the spleen meridian by infusing approval & handling whatever the Universe sends our way.

This week in clinic I had the younger sister of my superstar little client from the other week come in to see me for a Reiki Treatment. She was such a happy little unicorn it was a privilege to work on her inner rainbow. I have done another house cleansing & blessing here in Ballarat, it’s so interesting to get to work in some of these beautiful old homes. This one had some old stuck energy, some residual memories & the guardian of the site had a few things to share with us too. This client & her two children also enjoyed having cleansing balances in their own home afterwards. I had a return client come in for a Priestess & Sisterhood harmony Balance where we went into some deep core beliefs around relationships, self-sabotage & self-love. It was really interesting after this session when she explained that she has just begun a new relationship & some of the core beliefs that came up were questions she had been asking herself & trying to work through so what we worked on resonated with her, which was really nice.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

Have a great weekend.

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