People can change, things get wonderful & alignment ahhh

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

What an amazing week! I have been flat out busy with clients & have been loving every second of it! My heart & soul truly sing when I am creating & holding space for others, it’s what I am here to do! The best news is that it will continue into the weekend as Sunday I get to share & attune my gorgeous new Reiki students to Level One & share all the amazingness of this energy healing technique with them. I don’t know what it is, maybe the energy of turning 36, but since my Birthday last week things are feeling beyond amazing, they are just clicking into place & aligning. I am beyond grateful for this, it’s been a hard slog to get here, put myself out there & show up doing something that is wonderful but not considered “the norm”, whatever that is? But hey, I’ve never been or felt normal, so this really is the place that I am meant to be.

How beautiful is my picture this week? Fabulous new crystals to add to my family! I received these as an amazing Birthday gift from my little sister. She bought them for me with the assistance of Nancy from Sunlight Crystals (check out her pages for all the beautiful shiny magic & )They were so beautifully packaged & even included some clear quarts chips, Palo Santo & a ritual to cleanse them. You could feel the love infused with such care. The other amazing thing about this Birthday package was the handwritten letter by my little poo. She never includes letters with her packages & I was surprised! But should I really have been? I see people change all the time with my clients & this week has been no exception.

This week in clinic we have been working with & seen some break throughs with depression. One of my little superstars came back to see me to work on some anger issues, we discovered that taking on the energy of others has a lot to do with this so we cleared & balanced that & are currently working on some fun ways for her to protect her energy. She has also made a special connection with the rose quartz crystal that she chose for herself at the end of our balance. I’ve had a couple of Reiki sessions this week which have been lovely. We calmed & cleared some busy headspace & worked with the spleen, lung & large intestine meridians. These meridians are all to do with the emotions of grief, apathy, sympathy, harmony & empathy. We have also used Kinesiology to work with clearing & balancing the Governing Meridian, Heart Chakra & Liver Meridian as well as gaining clarity around life purpose & direction with an amazing insight into a past life that took us back to Egypt. This week has completely blown my mind & I have been truly humbled by the feedback I have received when checking back in with my clients to see how they are feeling & integrating the changes that we have made in their lives.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

Have a great weekend.

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