Laugh more, raise your vibes

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

“Amusement is a most exalted vibration. Become a vibrational match to your desires by laughing your ass off as often as possible”. Debbianna DeRose

Last Friday night I went to a Reiki Share organised by Julie & Rob from Phoenix Alternative. Reiki Shares are a fantastic way to connect with others who are interested in energy healing & you receive a healing as well as giving healing which is a win, win! Afterwards we have a tea & chat to ground ourselves before we leave. I was having a conversation with Julie discussing laugher in our healing sessions. I mentioned that it has taken me awhile to stop laughing when holding space for a client giving Kinesiology Balances. I thought it was because I was amused at the correction that had come up for a specific situation, but Julie mentioned that laughing can raise the vibration of a healing session. When I thought about it, this is something that I’ve been doing my whole life, especially when I am in an uncomfortable situation like at the dentist, a waxing appointment or if I am somewhere meeting people for the first time. It’s almost like my default setting or go to action when my energy is experiencing overwhelm.  It also made me think about children, children are incredibly high vibrational beings & they spend so much time laughing & playing. Imagine how we could raise the vibration of our inner child through engaging in laughter? I was often worrying that my little outbursts of laughter might cause my clients to think that I was even more crazy than the whole crazy idea of Kinesiology & energy work! I think in fact that I was using laughter to raise the vibration of the work that we were doing.

Laughter is the sound vibration for Fire in the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine we use in Kinesiology. Laughter can be used to clear & balance the Small Intestine, Heart, Triple Warmer & Circulation Sex Meridians. These meridians are all about the Supreme Controller, Separator of Pure from Impure, Pure of Heart, Warmth & Maintenance Official, directing, influence, clear insight, development, growth, fruition, absorption (ideas, concepts), harmony, warmth & protection. We work with the emotions of joy, love & hate.

It has been quiet in clinic this week, so I’ve done lots of work on myself, celebrated my Birthday & recharged as next week is going to be flat out! Monday night I attended a new yoga class that has started at the Healthy Hub with the lovely Bron Calistro from Ballarat Yoga Collective, before heading to a reading exchange held by the Ballarat Tarot & Oracle Reading Exchange Group.

For the rest of this afternoon I am hoping to do some more organising for my Reiki One Course on Sunday 25th August, applying leg tan to Helena for her first Calisthenics competition for the season tomorrow, hopefully making it to my monthly Book Club catch up later before holding space for a Reiki Session tonight.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

Have a great weekend.

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