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Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

It’s a cold, wet, blustery day here in Ballarat. Winter is in full swing, we all have our fingers crossed for snow but hey, every time they forecast it snow doesn’t fall at my place. It’s my Birthday next week, yay! I like to get a reading of some kind around my Birthday just to get a check in from someone else & see what possibilities may be coming my way. It just so happened that I have received two readings this year, lucky me! So, I have spent this week going through the readings I have received & really nutting out the details of what they mean to me.

The first reading was actually a light code channelled for me by the brilliant Bronte Spicer. This was about looking into some work that I have been feeling called to explore around working with other empaths to assist them in sensing, balancing & grounding their own energy from within, especially those who are unaware they are taking on so much energy that is not their own & may have manifested as anxiety or depression. The code that came through for me & my clients is so powerful, the energy that radiates from it is multi-dimensional & I am so excited to begin working with it. The guidance that came with the code is beyond what I had even imagined possible, I have some big work to do & share with others. The next step for me is to get to know this code & begin to play with some ideas about how to use it for myself & share it with others. Exciting stuff!

The second reading I had was with the lovely Nikki Moore from School of Divination. She gave me an amazing astrology session where we looked at my Birth Chart especially regarding the work that I do at Connect Balance Grow. She really confirmed for me that I am on the right path, in the right place, doing what I am meant to be doing. It was so nice to receive this confirmation, I love what I do so much but doing the work that I need to do so that I am in the right place to hold space for others is not easy. It sounds like I have some good energy coming my way to continue to grow & develop my business & myself.

There have been some super energies around this week. Yesterday the 8th of the 8th the Lionsgate Portal was opened, this energy is connected to the Sirius Star System & the Sirian energy is the main galactic energy that I work with & is the origin of one of my main guides. As I was trying to do a reading for myself Miss Connie decided that I was a climbing gym, hence the picture with this story! I’ve also done some readings for myself this week with the energies of Leo Season & Mary Magdalene. The one aspect that kept coming up for me was to do with releasing guilt & shame around balancing my work & playing with my girls, especially with my value of Family Happiness, which is another reason why the picture of me & Connie feels so relevant. I have been clearing an energetic blockage in my Large Intestine Meridian. The Large Intestine Meridian is all about Grief, Guilt, Regret & draining the dregs. When this meridian isn’t flowing ideas, emotions & energy can get stuck making clarity challenging. The affirmations that I have been using to work on this are “I trust my intuition to guide me”, “I have plenty of time” & “I am calm & clear”. I have been using grapefruit essential oil with the affirmation “I am trusting myself to calmly & clearly move forward”. I have also been scanning, checking & sending healing energy to my Auric Field.

In clinic this week I have had a couple of Energy Service & Tune Up Balances. One of my beautiful clients had an incredibly deep session where we cleared & balanced the Earth Star, Throat & Stellar Gateway Chakras. This means we grounded her energy into the Earth, opened her greater connection to source energy & cleared some past life energy from her centre of communication, authentic truth & expression. The Throat Chakra was a theme this week as we also did a Kinesiology Balance based on the Throat Chakra finding clarity with communication & releasing guilt around expressing needs. There were also some interesting things in this balance to do with Skin, feelings of irritation & needing to set boundaries. This client said that she was feeling so much more connected with herself when I checked in with her later in the week to see how she was going.

Wow, it really has been all about me this week! I forgot to mention that I also went & had a Reiki Session with the wonderful Kim Butt from Mother’s Touch Reiki Healing in her brand spanking new Reiki Space at Haddon, complete with combustion fire! It was delightful & I left feeling completely energised. I love seeing my Reiki students achieving their dreams, it is so special. I can’t wait to see where Reiki takes my next group of students I will be teaching Reiki to on the 25th of August.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

Have a great weekend.

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