Finding My Values

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My Friday Check In is a little late today. Is anyone else picking up on the energetic shift that has kicked in in the last few days? It does feel more positive (or maybe my post retreat blues are lifting?) yet things feel as if they are flying forward in an eight of wands kind of way! Things haven’t gone to plan these last few days, nothing major just the usual day to day stuff. My energy seems to be shifting & pushing me forward weather I’m ready or not. I am finding myself just focusing on my breath & surrendering to whatever happens & wherever it takes me. That’s some impressive growth when I think back to how I used to react to this feeling. Any way, it’s Leo season & my Birthday Month, one of my favourite times of the year. I love the creativity, strength & passion that comes through with this energy.

Last week I mentioned that I would love to elaborate on my values that I took away from the Yoga Retreat in Bali 2 weeks ago. Values are the aspects of our lives that matter the most to us. They influence our choices & how we behave when acting on them. Defining our values can be achieved through a process of elimination.

To begin with we select our top ten values, this can be tricky as there are so many to choose from! I have included a list picture with this post but feel free to search for your own, there are plenty out there. To decide on my values, I went with my gut & marked all the ones I felt interest towards before going back & culling my list down to ten.

Once we have our ten values, we priorities each from one to ten & focus on the top five. I found that as I was doing this some of my values tied in or came under others that were ranked higher on my list.

Really feel into the top five values & note down what each one truly means to us. Again, I found as I was doing this some of the other values in either my top ten list or others I had felt an interest towards earlier found their way into my top five once I started to expand what my values meant to me.

When we have expanded our top five values, we then choose our number one guiding value, the one that means the most to us to live our best lives in true alignment with ourselves. Narrow the remaining values down to our top three or four. These are now our guidelines to assist us in making the best choices for ourselves gaining greater satisfaction in our lives.

These are my top three values & what they mean to me…

Family Happiness

  • Love
  • Health
  • Generosity
  • Pleasure
  • Economic security
  • Loyalty
  • Respect
  • Affection
  • Friendship
  • Non-judgement
  • Receptive
  • Play


  • Taking time & space for myself
  • Treating myself as I would treat others
  • Grounding my energy
  • Expressing my true authentic self
  • Knowing the only thing I can change is myself
  • Showing up for myself
  • Protecting my energy

Personal Development

  • Wisdom
  • Spirituality
  • Achievement
  • Integrity
  • Health
  • Advancement
  • Inner harmony
  • Growth
  • Healing
  • Releasing
  • Movement

This week in clinic we have worked on a weak immune system, inner conflict & lack of connection. The affirmations we used included ”I am centred & grounded as I allow myself to change”, “I allow myself guilt free time to relax”, “my energy & happiness are my priority” & “I am sensing clarity & connection with ease & grace”. It was also interesting this week that the liver meridian seemed to come up to be balanced in multiple clients. This meridian is all about anger, resentment & responsibility & often clouds our clarity & insight when it is not flowing as it should. We were definitely working with some big energy & it will be interesting to see how my clients integrate the changes we made in their sessions.

Enjoy your Friday evening & be fantastically kind.

Have a great weekend.

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