Even Kinesiologist’s Get Sick

Hello Connect Ballance Grow Tribe

I’ve woken up this morning not feeling so flash. It looks like my darling children have finally passed their colds onto me. As you can see from my pic, Connie decided I needed a head rub. I feel like my body has been fighting this off for a few weeks now, I’ve tried to keep up with my self-care, rest & to slow down but with work being busy the last few weeks, some challenges around access to day care & the kids home for school holidays I haven’t found much space for down time. The joy of this human experience. So today I am listening to my body, wrapping myself up warmly on the couch, watching Disney movies with my kids & drinking lots of tea & water. I’ve also been taking the Slow Down flower essences blend from Naughty Naturopath Mum, the Pawpaw flower essence in it is great to assist with a cold. The blend of Lemon, Thyme & Tea Tree essential oils are in my defuser too.

Colds really are a message from our bodies that we’ve been going at life a bit too hard. The affirmation that I need right now is “I allow myself guilt free time to relax”, there seems to be so much to do & it can be easy to forget that we need & deserve time to chill out & rest.

Did you know that we can also balance colds with Kinesiology? We can do some of the things that I have mentioned above & we can also look at how your body systems are operating & clear any blockages, balance your immune system, & see what you need to add or remove from your lifestyle so that you can find time to relax with ease.

This week in clinic things have been winding down as I prepare to go away soon but more about that next week. I had a very explorative session with a beautiful client yesterday. We worked together to gain some clarity, balance & grounding with events that have occurred in her life. We used a Peace mandala & meditation, neurovascular holding points, chakra balancing & forgiveness. We also created a personal essential oils blend to take home & use as the body directed.

Here’s to hoping my cold clears up soon, enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

Have a great weekend.

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